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All images, words, art by Minnie Warburton except where noted.
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80% of all art sales will be donated to NCMEC, CASA, and The Wounded Warrior Project.


photo by Samantha Warburton

photo by Samantha Warburton


Consider this a journey. One we take together. Of exploration. Provocation. Stillness.  Wonder. Gratitude. 

The Pages:

Home: The place where the journey begins...

The InterviewSamantha Warburton's interview of me on writing and art for Up.St.Art Magazine, the extraordinary Annapolis art magazine.  A link to the article, the magazine, and Allison Zaucha's portfolio of photographs of yours truly is provided.

ImagesThey may be visual, they may be verbal. They may be mine or someone else's.  I will always give credit.  The image to enables us to face hard truths; the word enables us to live with the hard questions.  

Works in ProgressThis is me muttering to myself about my work:  the novels I'm writing, the poems I'm wrestling with, the artwork I'm creating. My conversation with myself. I invite you to eavesdrop. 

Guns and DrumsA collection of poems first done as a reading, it saw limited print form. In these poems, voices speak on war, from WWI through Iraq and Afghanistan, different voices, varied perspectives. I did drawings for many of these poems.  Poems, drawings and recordings will come and go from this page.
What Happened on the Denton RoadEleven poems, one story. The story of girls gone missing.  The intention of the piece was always to be a performance piece, thus there are sections from poems but not the whole poem. In time, perhaps...

Readings and sale of artwork benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).  Links are provided.

The PondA quiet space for the unquiet mind.  Images, verbal and visual, for reflecting and reflection. The space between words can be more important than the words.  A place of stillness.  Minnie Aumonier wrote, "There is always music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it."   The Pond, a place to let the heart go quiet, if only for the space of a breath.   Inhale...          Exhale...


The Beedie cat                                     Rest in peace, Beedie         1995-2016

The Beedie cat                                     Rest in peace, Beedie         1995-2016