Time Gone By

I am always amazed at how long goes by before I remember I even have a website! And that it might be a good idea to add to it because evidently people occasionally look at it.

Sun pours through my studio window. I have to go up to the doctor today. Bleck. 

I am at the final stages now of this forever novel. That's how I think of it... the Forever Novel. The one that's taken forever to write. A whole new level of fact-checking has taken me to Linda Greenlaw's books on lobstering and swordfishing. I read, I read, I read. And find inevitable errors in my text. Corrections are simple on one level... fix this. Right. Except that it's the wording, it's always the wording. Getting it right. 

There has been, in this research process, the draft (1960's and '70's), the lottery, Viet Nam, Flying Black Ponies, SEALs, Hueys, Seawolves, Red Sox, more Red Sox, yet more Red Sox, Nixon, Watergate, television in the seventies, advertising on television in the seventies, the Phil Donahue Show, the evolution of the Civil Rights Movement, the evolution of Feminism, AND - Gloucester MA (I will get something wrong no matter how hard I try, this is inevitable), lobster fishing, and the list goes on. I think my bibliography for research on this novel is about 350 books, dozens of video documentaries. At a certain point, I have to let it go. What a terrifying thought!!!!

So... I am going to try to remember to update this site more than once a year!!!!! HAH! We'll see.