The Untitled Novel Has a Title!

I wrote: I remain unwilling to give it a title although it is essentially entirely written and in final draft stage.  The edit now is the line edit, but also the research edit, the fact-checking edit, correction upon correction.  And cut, cut, cut. Most of the hard work is done and yet there is so much more to do. I post here about my work on the characters, and I am struck by the oddity of the word "post" - it assumes a reader, somewhere.  The novel so far only has select readers, or I should say selected, carefully selected. I write about it here I suppose mostly as a way of driving myself forward. As for readers here, of these posts, that idea makes me smile. It is not the point. I am here talking to myself about my work. I open the door for eavesdroppers. Anyone can listen in. My conversation with myself.  The process. How the writing gets written.  How the work gets done. One keystroke at a time.

When I wrote that, there was no title. I tried dozens. There is one now! YAY!